Hey Everybody! Leftie Here!

I am coming at you with let’s plays and live streams for many different video games. Not such a new idea but I enjoy it and want to have fun with you! My main reason for creating a Patreon is that, as I continue to do video game let’s plays and twitch live streams, I would also like to create skits and other material. Plus, any funds will help boost what games I can play and bring to you!

I don’t expect or assume anyone will contribute any more than simply enjoying the let’s plays and joining me for my live streams on YouTube and on Twitch at 7pm EST on Saturday’s. I appreciate that most of all! If you feel like contributing more, however, it’ll go back into helping get the games you’d love to see played as well as helping breathe new ideas into life. Any help to support my work is greatly appreciated! ^_^

How Patreon works:

I have set up for a pay per month Patreon account. Remember, Patreon works a bit differently than a kickstarter. Instead of making a one time donation, Patreon runs on a recurring pledge of a smaller amount. You can set a monthly max so that you never go above budget.

I have set up reward tiers that I hope you love and if you have any suggestions for a reward, let me know and I’ll definitely see if I can make it happen. So far, rewards are as follows:

Personalized Video Message
Patron only Jackbox Game Night
Game Giveaways
Private Livestream
and more….

There is also an activity feed area where you can post fan art, get to know other fans, and leave your comments/ideas for this channel!

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