Hey my friends,

Leftie here just doing a brief check in. I have a poll up on Discord for games you would like to see in the future and will be spinning a wheel, once I get it set up, to decide the mystery game for Monday’s streams. Not sure if I am going to spin it live or if I will just spin and announce the winner…still debating.

Also debating what times I want to do for the “Notice Me Senpai, Sunday’s” for the stream. Maybe I’ll do a poll for that too but I’ll wait to later in the week to make that decision.

I’m also trying to be much more active on social media and you can notice that here with this post, as well as my silly Twitter stuff!

Otherwise, I am still working at my job during the day and have just now started working out on P90x again. Started off with Core Synergistics and trying not to die. Beat Saber has strengthened my arms so I’m not dying that way, at least.Just my thighs from all the squats.

I am right now at 183lbs so hopefully I’ll drop down to at least 180 by the end of the week. We will see what progress I make.

I still have a new Tweet idea and I will work on it sometime this week….probably tomorrow

Also found out there is a sequel to ‘Dread Out’ so…I guess I need to finish my video of the first one. I just need the time to do so, but I should be finding that time soon.

Apoc and I are doing well otherwise and will probably be switching from Streamlabs back to OBS due to all the problems that it has been causing.

We will definitely be doing more FNAF VR next Saturday but probably for 2 hours instead of 3, just to make sure I don’t die out of fear.

You guys are fantastic and I appreciate everything you have done for me. I will do another check in next week!


Leftie (the Mother of Twitch)