Hey All!

Leftie here taking my time on updating because I am a big ol’ dummy dum. In the positive, we have been killing it with the FNAF VR streams and I am so thankful to all of you for supporting me! I have been trying to really get into a pattern and become motivated, to follow through on my ideas, and you guys help me to do better. I had come very close to just giving up on streaming or making videos and you have helped me stay with it and enjoy this time in my life with all of you.

Currently, I am working on more art as of late. I hope you like the art I have created for the subscriber buttons though I may change it up in the future…not sure as of right now. I am working on a special drawing featuring my twin, Lillypop so hopefully she will love it!

I accidentally broke the emotes and have to wait for Twitch to finish pending them and approve them again; my bad D: I was trying to get rid of the 1 when it says the emote name but nothing I did helped and I just made it worse. Hopefully, the will be back up today.

My wonderful husband just purchased the DLC for FNAF VR during last nights stream and so we will be playing for another weekend; once we are finished, we will move on to some more horror games. I am very interested in the VR game “Duck Season” which I know has VR capabilities and it tackles a game from my childhood in a more creepy manner which I love!

Still working on losing weight and trying to continue with becoming more active with my social media accounts. I have some ideas it is just finding the time to do them; fortunately, I should be having more free time soon!

I am also currently saving the FNAF VR streams and sending them over to YouTube so they are not lost! I know Twitch will eventually delete them and I want to persevere them.

We are also working on a fundraiser for the ACLU which will be continuing through the month of June; we have a goal of $1,000 and will hopefully reach it by then. If you can not donate, I understand completely. These are tough times. I will be donating as well to the cause and hopefully meet the goal to give support where needed. If you would like to support this movement, please follow the link

Nothing much else that I can think about at this time so you all have a wonderful day and I will see you in the stream!