Hey all, Leftie here!!

What a week it has been; I got a bit sick and tired of attempting to lose weight and being stuck in the 180’s for the last 3-4 months so I decided to decrease my food intake even further. I am currently eating 1 packet of oatmeal for breakfast with hot water and no almond milk, I am only eating 1/2 a sandwich for lunch, and dinner I am now eating on lunch plates instead of dinner plates so I don’t overeat. I am dealing with a lot of lightheadedness now and am trying to drink a lot of water. Not sure if I feel this way due to forgetting to take certain medications or just my body getting used to the lack of food. I am exercising a bit but not too much right now. Mostly just doing a physical therapy routine with my husband in the morning for the back. I will add more exercise if I can in the future when I don’t feel so bleeh.

We have started streaming some Subnautica for now starting on Monday; not sure I want to continue streaming it on Tuesday and Thursday or just leave it as a Monday night thing and go back to Beat Saber. I’ve been hesitant about Beat Saber but I haven’t seen others in our group that have lost there channels. My videos have had sound cut out but I wasn’t told that they needed to be removed or that I was in serious trouble of losing my account. I think my husband and I will be discussing it again soon and deciding soon.

We’ve discussed the idea of possibly saving up for a streaming computer in order to have something set aside specifically for the Rift so that he doesn’t have to give up his computer when I stream and that way he can do some things on the side instead of waiting on me hand and foot.

I am working on some more art and I am also watching videos to learn how to animate so we can make some fun gifs and possibly videos for the future.

In other news, are Anniversary is next Tuesday! We have been together for 4 years in marriage and together 8 years in total. I love him so much and hopefully this next year will be better but who knows.

We are still working on raising money for the ACLU. If you have a way to and can donate a little, we would greatly appreciate it. We wanted to find a way to support the movement going on currently in the US. Hopefully, we will be able to help. The fundraiser will be up until the end of June.

Saturday Night Spoops with FNAF VR was finally completed last Saturday which means that we know need a new game. We have it on the Stream that you can use the coins you earn to request a game be put on the poll. I think we will let that option remain until Tuesday evening and then post the poll Wednesday to give some time for those to vote for what they would like to see for Saturday so be sure to keep your eye out for that.

I am also thinking of killing Sunday as a stream day as it always seems a bit dead and I get distracted by laundry….I actually forgot to eat lunch during today’s singing stream…so yea….

I am thinking that Monday will stay Mystery Monday with more Subnautica for now but the option for me to just choose something random to play or do (Twitch Sings, drawing, etc), Tuesday and Thursday for Beat Saber, and Saturday for Spoops. I want to get back into Beat Saber because that is how I met most of you and I just love the game and would like to get better at it.

I will also add a highlight from today’s Twitch Sings stream because it was hilarious to me. You guys stay safe and your dad and I love you very much.

The unofficial mother of Twitch,