So I’ve been thinking for awhile on what to do with the channel and how best to go about it. I created two different video’s for “My Friend Pedro” and started a poll on my Patreon page, open to everyone, to vote on what they would like to see.

I left the poll open for two weeks however, no one has voted during that time period to state what they would like.

Based on that, I’ve started looking at what I’ve done the last few weeks and trying to decide what I want to do and what I could determine based on what knowledge I had.

I didn’t feel like I could take the amount of likes I have from the two Pedro videos and compare them with my previous work; I had a lot of likes on my old videos and if I was comparing on top rated views and likes, my play-through of P.T. won out but that has more to do with that game than it did with me.

I thought it best to compare the two Pedro videos to each other which would leave the condensed gameplay as the winner….however, it didn’t really tell me clearly if that is what is needed for the channel to succeed or if the old method was still preferred.

I’ve also started streaming every night, save for Friday and Halloween night, and had some good success with getting viewers.  I love Beat Saber and am enjoying playing it on stream and trying to work on my weight loss goals…..but again, its not the only thing I would like to do.

I’m really still at a loss for what to do. I love Beat Saber and am planning to continue streaming my gameplay for around 2 hours each night via twitch. However, I also love horror games and creating videos to go with that….I’m just not sure of the process I want to take with those. Do I want to record for several night in a row and condense down hours of footage to a few minutes? Do I want to take a night from Beat Saber and stream a scary game at least one times a week just so I can get it out of my system? Would I rather take 1 day to work on footage for short horror games and just post that?

I’m not sure and I’m still trying to decide.

I’m trying to do something in a way that I love without completely swamping myself and feeling like I can’t do anything but videos and stream; I don’t want to burn myself out but I also don’t want to be sitting around on a lot of different games I would like to play but don’t want to do so alone, so to speak.

In conclusion, based on the lack of response, possibly due to the little amount of viewers I have right now, I will be continuing to stream Beat Saber on Twitch every night, give or take, and I will figure out my outlet for horror.

I will be streaming Beat Saber tonight on Twitch starting around 6pm EST if you are interested in joining me then! Thank you all for your support!